Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What to wear in Vegas: Daytime

I'm going to pick up where I left off yesterday, and share my initial thoughts on outfits for playing slot machines, exploring along the strip, and hitting the outlet mall.  Since I've never been to Vegas before, I'm hoping some of you can tell me if I'm off base!  (The blogosphere is really lacking in Vegas outfits for those who don't dress like an Urban Outfitters model)

Baby It's Cold Inside
My friends tell me that it's freezing inside the casinos, so a cardigan over a tank top is a must, and that a small cross body purse will work best since you can't set anything on the tables and hanging a purse on the back of a chair isn't very smart when you're not paying attention.  This isn't a dream outfit, since I actually own these pieces or ones very similar, and think I'll wear it on Friday for travel and sightseeing.

Summer in the City
Come hell or high water, I am going to the Kate Spade outlet store and leaving with a new purse.  And while I'm there,  I have to check out some other stores too right?  I think this will take up my whole morning on Saturday, and I'll be wearing some shorts and a tank top of sorts.  Again, these are similar to clothes I actually own so I know this isn't anyone's dream ensemble.  Too casual?

P.S. In other news, I have been selling old clothes on eBay.  So far I've sold 15 things, most about 3 years old from The Limited, and have made $125 this week.  Does that motivate any of you to clean the closet?!


  1. Love all of these outfits! And yes, that totally motivates me, great idea!

  2. That's great! Any tips for a first time ebay seller? I have been thinking of selling my closet cleanouts (mostly stuff from the Limited and LOFT that is still in good condition) on ebay, but I've never sold anything on there before and it's a bit intimidating to get started. BUT, making $125 or more even would totally make it worth it!

  3. very pretty!! love that you're making so much money on ebay! way to go :)

  4. Hey there...good point...lots of inspiration on what sequin mini to wear to the hotspots..but not as much inspiration on what to wear shopping all day. I think you have picked some amazing choices/cardi's.
    I KNOW...I started my shopping site a few weeks ago and have sold a couple hundred bucks worth of old items that I never wear anymore...ones trash is anothers they say....I reinvested that money right back into the old closet however..might be better if I saved it? nah.

  5. I like the outfits but I feel there are too many patterns in the first outfit: striped cardigan, Coach purse with the C logo and leopard print shoes seems like one too many patterns/prints. With the black sandal, though, I think it works wonderfully together.

  6. Perfect outfits for the daytime!! The leopard flats are a must when you are walking around checking out the sites. But if you go to Vegas in the summer it is a scorcher! So perhaps a breezy dress will be a good thing to pack as well. $125 made off cleaning a closest? I do closest clean outs all the time and normally just end up giving them to good will bc I never thought I could make money off selling to ebay. OK, emailing you for some tips!

  7. Haley! You picked the most amazing outfits! I'm totally digging the stripes in the first one {hello a nautical Friday's Fancies post!} and the wedges in the second are killer! I'm in love! Hope you're having a good week! xoxo {av}



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