Friday, June 3, 2011

Dream Decorating: Nursery - Guest Room in Sydney

If you haven't noticed, I love me some photoshop decorating.  It is free, feels like shopping, and lets me help people out at the same time.  I am excited that this week's mood board request comes all the way from Australia (Cardigan Junkie is international, baby!).

Shannon is having a baby boy and wants a hip and modern space that isn't stark.  She lives in a rental, which means she needs to work with existing carpet and white walls.  The room also needs to maintain its function as a guest room, so their gray pull out sofa needs to stay in the room along with this crib that she has already picked out.  It shouldn't look like she shoved a crib in the guest room, and her guests shouldn't feel like they're sleeping in a nursery.  And with that, here's my best shot at a room for her baby boy:

I decided that a gray, yellow, blue and red color palette would still feel young and fun, not too juvenile.  I think a rug over the carpet will bring color into the room, along with some unexpected art that doesn't necessarily belong in a nursery.  I included a vintage style credenza for toy storage and other supplies, as well as a full length mirror and wardrobe for guests to feel at home too.  I hope Shannon likes it!

Edit: Had I known about this print last night, I'd have included it in the room.  Love it!

If you want a mood board of your own, send me an email.  It's free, and I plan to post one every week.  Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love grey and red together. Well done!

  2. super cute! i think you met all the requirements. whenever we start thinking about babies, i'm totally coming to you for a mood board :)

  3. So cute! I love the modern pieces and the Matte Stephens prints!

  4. I'm going to admit that I can't see the inspiration board, it's not showing up! Dang it blogger! But I clicked over to check out the prints and those are *AMAZING*...I just love those for a little kiddo's room! They definitely fit in a kid's room, but at the same time don't feel too juvenile that they will outgrow them by the time they're four...Perfect! Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I love photoshop mood board-ing, if that's even a verb and I love this mood board. Perfect balance of baby while not making it so much so that you have to completely redo it for later in the kids life.

  6. A good tip that I learned while I was renting: You can stick fabric on a wall with liquid starch just like wallpaper. When it's time to move it peels off easily and you just have to wipe the wall down with a wet sponge.

  7. I've always loved elephants or turtles for boys.

    And i like the idea of frogs and lily pads for girls. :)

  8. That design is adorable. I read your info section and I'm pretty sure you're living the life I want to live after college. Work in marketing, come back to Dallas, and have lots of cardigans. At last count I had 15, so I guess I'm almost there :)

  9. Thank you so much Haley! This is great!!
    Since we don't have that dresser here, I'm thinking of purchasing the grey Hemnes Ikea dresser & having my Mom ship over some gold Anthropologie knobs! I love that rug & prints! Great inspiration board.
    Also, would you believe that yesterday at my Doctor visit, I found out it is a GIRL!!!! I'm still in shock since the last 6 weeks I thought it was a boy (at last u/s) Doctor made a mistake & said he shouldn't of said anything so early.
    I think your design still works! Thanks again.

  10. Gorgeous. Love all of your picks for the room :)



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