Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: Favorite Wardrobe Staples

Today I'm really excited to have Katie from Cardigans & Couture here to take part of the Things Every Girl Needs series.  She and her twin sister write one of my favorite new blogs (do I even have to say it's a favorite? Just look at the name!) and I think you're going to love the items she has picked to share today.  

When fellow cardigan lover Haley offered the chance to guest blog on Cardigan Junkie, of course, I was thrilled. But then the pressure set in…what one thing should I write about that will give you a glimpse of what Cardigans & Couture is all about (well at least ½ of us –my identical twin sister and I share the blogging duties)? What will make you want to come over and hopefully start reading our blog? Enter Oprah! When in doubt, go with “My Favorite Things.” Unfortunately there’re no magical elves to pop out of your computer to give you all my choice picks, but hopefully they’ll inspire you and bring a little happiness to your day. I certainly couldn’t live without them.

Angela Caputi Bracelets
I saw these bracelets on Viviana Volpicella over a year ago, and after searching far and wide, I found them. Non-stop. Haven’t taken them off. Small obsession. J’adore!

Cole Haan Shoes
The other half of C&C used to work for Nike (owns Cole Haan) and she introduced me to Cole Haan’s amazing shoes with Nike Air! If you spend time on your feet and love heels (and your knees) as much as I do, get thee to Cole Haan. Currently lusting on…

You Don’t Know Jacques! OPI Nail Polish
You don’t know nail polish, until you’ve known Jacques! I was always somewhat of a traditionalist with my nail polish until You Don’t Know Jacques! Jacques took me into the world of boldly colored nails. But, despite all the great hues out there, he remains my favorite neutral for all four seasons. 
Big, Yet Classic Earrings
I’m pretty basic when it comes to my earrings. I regularly switch up my other jewelry, but on most days you’ll find me wearing very large pearls. Just recently I’ve expanded my “big, yet classic” collection with these gems from Kate Spade! I bought them in green and black and am seriously contemplating some additional colors (they come in eight). At $38 you really can’t go wrong.

A Classic Watch (or Watches)  :)
Depending on my outfit, I wear gold or silver accessories. So of course, a girl has got to have two watches! The last few years of big gold watches has been one of my FAVORITE TRENDS, and I couldn’t go without my Michael Kors (layered, of course, with countless bangles). But when the trends change, I know my Cartier Tank Francaise (a 30th birthday gift last year) will remain classically chic and always one of my favorite things.

Thanks Cardigan Junkie for having Cardigans & Couture over! We’re looking forward to hosting you soon for Feature Friday!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Katie!  I LOVE those bracelets and am excited to write a post at Cardigans & Couture.

If you'd like to take part in this series, send me an email and let me know!


  1. Love the black pumps and the earrings! So pretty!

  2. I have that OPI nail polish and I love it!! Such a great color. But I only wear it during the fall and teh winter, I am weird about not wearing darker polish in the summer, haha

  3. i've been dying to get some cole haan pumps. i think i just need to suck it up and do it...

  4. Me too! I have been stalking flash sale sites hoping to find Cole Haan pumps on sale. I feel like after 6 of full time working, I should have some nice shoes :)

  5. Love this list-- so true! And I've been dropping major hints to my Mama to get some Cole Haan Air Pumps for my birthday in August :)

  6. Jenna, Jillian, Jana, Sam, and. of course, Haley, thanks for all your comments! I had so much fun guest blogging on Cardigan Junkie! Ladies, take the plunge on the Cole Haans! I promise you won't regret it! You can usually get them on Gilt Groupe on sale, and I've also found them at Nordstrom Rack and Filenes on sale if you have one of those in your area! I'm a huge bargain shopper. They also have Cole Haan outlets, but I don't know if you've got one near you.

  7. Great guest post!! I love Cole Haans nike air line and own the Air Talia bootie that I rocked all winter. I also have a pair of brown peep toe sling-back from a few years ago that I just busted back into the season rotation. Also, I have that same Michael Kors watch! Love it, definitely on me at all times, beach, work, Michael is with me. :) Going over to follow you now!

    xoxo tamra

  8. I have the gold mj but am pretty sure that every single person I know has that one. :)

    LOVE those bracelets!

  9. Those earrings are now my perma-birthday gift for friends. Perfect!

  10. Love the post! The Rue La La Cole Haan sales also usually have the Nike Air shoes.



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