Monday, June 27, 2011

PSA: The Sun Savvy Pledge

Today I read something that reminded me once again how important it is to spread the word about important causes, even if only 1 of the 800 of you who see this page each day take it to heart. 

I often get asked why I have so many scars on my back and arms, especially during the summer.  I also get made fun of for being super pale, but I laugh it off and say that I've embraced my gorgeously translucent skin tone and then mention that I've gotten too close to skin cancer too many times to take chances.  Then the laughing stops, and I show some of the 20+ places where I've had moles removed because I'm highly susceptible to skin cancer. 

My mother had malignant melanoma when I was a child, and thankfully it was caught early and she's now fine.  I've had a very close call, and have a 2 inch scar about the size of a small lemon wedge where the atypical cells began to spread beneath the top layer of my skin when I was 19.  Now, for the rest of my life, I will see a dermatologist every six months for a head to toe skin check.  It's not fun, and especially not fair since I never laid in tanning beds or had especially dark skin.  I hate that tan is considered beautiful, when all it really is is a burn (for most). 

When I saw the new blogging venture headed up by {av} at Long Distance Loving and Danielle from Breakfast at Toast, I was so happy to see two women taking action to change this perception and spread the word about a very important cause.  Please visit Sun Savvy and sign the pledge to take better care of your skin.  It's a lifestyle change, for sure, but you'll be glad you did.


  1. Hey Haley! I'm glad your doing good and I fully support your PSA. Nothing beats prevention especially when it's near and dear to your heart with family and your own experience. :-) Prevention is the best option!

  2. Haley,

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this! Alison and I said that if just ONE person got something from Sun Savvy that we have done something great. Today we saw a comment from a blogger who saw her doc because she read our posts. Goal accomplished on DAY ONE. Now if we can reach a few more people that will just be icing on the cake!

    I have always said that I look translucent. It used to bother me but I have completely embraced it! It is who I am, and I actually really like it now. Wish I could have told myself to love myself during my early 20s.

    Thank you again!



  3. Great post. headed over to check out the links now....

  4. I love it, girl...definitely an important reminder! I get made fun of for my 50 (or more) SPF all the time, but if I am out for more than 15 minutes you can bet your biscuits that I will be burned! Thanks for gettin' on the soapbox to help others avoid the big "C"'s no laughing matter...xoxo! Aubrey



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