Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky me!

Please forgive me for not writing a real post today, but as you can imagine, I'm a little tired from my Vegas trip.  We got back late last night, and I was too tired to do any e-shopping or photoshop decorating.  However, what I have been meaning to do is write a thank you post for the many giveaways I've won lately.  Please check out the bloggers listed below - I follow all of them for a reason (they're great) and I encourage you to as well!

 So without further ado, I owe a huge thank you to:

 Cassie at Candidly Cassie, for the awesome designer tee

Leslie at Fresh Out of Lemons for the amazing white jelly watch

Julie at Love, Julie for the Chelsea Victoria prints
Michelle from Wishful Thinking for the Boom Pom Pom cards

I feel so lucky to have all the shiny new things, and will be paying it forward with my own giveaway very soon. 

P.S. My lucky streak followed me to Vegas, and I won $100 on a Sex and the City slot machine!  I put that money toward a large gray Cole Haan hobo bag, even though I did finally go to the Kate Spade store, but couldn't pass up the perfect purse.  :) 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip and a continued lucky streak! Congrats girl!

  2. Ohhh great win on a great game!! I feel as though if you win on the SATC game, you have to spend it on fashion. :) Off to check out those blogs!



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