Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fine, I'll share. Here's where you can get a $45 bubble necklace.

I know that knockoffs are a touchy subject in blogland.  Nobody would want a design of their own reproduced and sold for much less, and I get that.  However, I am not so sympathetic to the needs of J.Crew that I would pass up a look I love at a price I can actually afford. 

Since I keep getting strangers coming up to me and asking about my necklace, and keep seeing more and more bubble necklaces popping up on Pinterest, I've decided to share my little secret.

If you love this necklace but can't swing the $150 price...

You can buy a similar one from a shop called basilthecat on Etsy.  Mine is very vibrant and sturdy and I freaking love it.  I got it last year when the trend first surfaced, and never looked back.  I also have a gray version (from another seller) and see that and red available for order. 

So, now you can rock the trend for a third of the price.  However, my real life friends are hereby forbidden from ordering the teal version.  :)


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