Friday, January 27, 2012

New Blog Series + What I Wore

Happy Friday!  This week has dragged on forever here at my desk, so I cannot wait for this weekend to begin.  I'm pumped to visit the Gilt warehouse sale tomorrow morning with my friend Megan - hopefully my eBay money can offset the cost of one nice, new item worthy of space in my closet!

I'm excited to be starting a new blog series that I'd like to get contributions for each week.  I love offering exposure to other bloggers, and meeting new e-friends along the way, but I wanted to create an opportunity that isn't a big time commitment.  Rather than solicit entire guest posts, I've decided that each week I'll compile a collection of items that other bloggers consider a must-have for that week's theme.  The name of the series will be Blogger Must-Haves (creative, eh?) and the weekly themes will be things like Bracelets, Lip Color, Clutches, Artwork, Lighting, Cocktails, etc.

All I will need to make you part of the series is an image of your must-have item that's no more than 530 pixels wide (it can also be Polyvore or Pinterest code) and a link (this would be a great opportunity to supply affiliate links like rewardStyle) - that's it.  I'll do the rest and you'll have about 1,000 people viewing your pick for that week.  Fun, huh?  All you have to do is email me at by 7pm Central on Thursdays and I'll include you in the post. 

This week's topic is.... EARRINGS!

And now for your usual Friday recap of my outfits, for those who care about such things:

what i wore

I think Wednesday is my favorite, and will be repeated.  :)  I got lazy on Monday, and Tuesday looked cuter in real life but I couldn't find a shirt like mine with rolled sleeves.  Here's to mixing it up more next week!  Have a happy weekend, ladies!


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