Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions... and a great book.

Happy New Year!  Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend and rang in the new year in a way that made you happy.  I had a fun time attending a wedding and seeing friends who I wish lived closer, although my head feels like it's about to pop from sinus pressure.

I'll be back posting about clothes or something similar tomorrow (pending the arrival of inspiration) but I wanted to share some of my 2012 resolutions with you in hopes that I'll be inspired to keep them.  I think the card above says it all, and I don't take all of these very seriously, but I think it's good to set goals and make plans.  And so, here is what I hope to be up to this year:

Make more real-life friends who blog (perhaps by attending a conference?)
Everyone raves about the friends they've met through blogging, and I will be honest that while I've e-met several wonderfully nice people, I've not made any true friends that I can talk to about the highs and lows of having a very public hobby.  My having very little time for this hobby has a lot to do with it, as well as my occasional bouts of shyness.

Wear everything in my closet or get rid of it
I have a ridiculous amount of clothing and jewelry and happily buy more every chance I get.  Something's gotta give.

Take an amazing, we-don't-have-kids vacation 
Thankfully, I married someone who also values traveling.  We've saved enough to go on a proper trip, and now the only question is to where and if anyone is up for joining us.

Restore my (paying) job to something I enjoy doing once again
I used to love my job.  Now I love my company and my coworkers, but my day to day tasks don't make me want to get out of bed in the morning.  I shall fix this.

Keep making progress on my fitness, and eventually perform proper push-ups 
I have a trainer who makes me lunge and squat my butt off, and I need to follow his directions and do my cardio and make myself a priority.  (Joe, if you ever see this, feel free to throw it in my face later this year when I am lazy)

Make reading for pleasure a priority 
I have been a voracious reader since I was in kindergarten, and blogging has cut way down on my reading time.  I miss it and will make time for it.

Put my marriage first
Like many other bloggers, I'm terribly guilty of sitting on the couch next to my husband but not being there in spirit.  I'm doing it now while I'm supposed to be watching Pirate Radio.  You see, I'm incredibly lucky to have a amazing husband and I'm crazy to put the internet before quality time with him in the second year of our marriage.  And so there may be some days in 2012 when I don't post anything new, and that will be ok with me.  I promise never to be one of those girls who only posts a pretty photo and three sentences about loving the spring time, and I hope you'll keep coming back for quality rather than quantity.

In an unrelated note, I wanted to share a book I read TWICE this week because I loved it so much.  It's short and I read fast, but I could not get enough of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Even if you don't like historical fiction (Great Britain, Post WWII) this book will make you happy and you should buy it right now.

So... what are your resolutions for the year?  And more importantly, who else has read this book and wants to happily discuss it with me?


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