Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Todd Oldham Corner: DIY Artwork

I haven't done as much sharing of my completed home renovation as I'd like because, to be honest, my camera is shitty.  No picture I take looks decent compared to everyone else's, and until I can upgrade this summer or bribe a friend to come over, your glimpse into our space will be limited.

However, I recently finished a quick makeover of one corner of my living room, and wanted to share it since I think it turned out pretty cute for about $80.  I was inspired by this photo of Todd Oldham's living room, with his huge collection of Charley Harper prints.

Since Charley Harper is one of my favorite artists, I was eager to bring more  of his work into my space and I already had two framed calendar pages in another room.  So, I purchased two more Ribba frames from Ikea and selected two more pages from my trusty wall calendar, then watched as N hung them in a grid above my grandmother's antique console table.  I finished the area with a lamp from my mom, some candles and vases, and my red wooden shoes from when I was 7 (because I like them).

I like how the prints are a bit silly (who else has a 12x12 picture of an otter hanging around?) and they fill the space nicely.  I may move them to a child's room one day in the (distant) future, but for now they make me smile and that's what a good room should do, right?

In other news, I am completely enamored with this rug at West Elm and will be stalking it until it goes on sale and then putting it in our dining area.

Have you undertaken any DIY projects lately?  How'd it go??

P.S.  My walls are a pale gray color that is reading beige in that terrible picture. 


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