Monday, January 16, 2012

My Favorite Golden Globe Gowns

If only I had a life where I had reasons to wear evening gowns.  But I don't, so I must make do with admiring photos on the internet.  Last night's Golden Globe ceremony features lots of beautifully dressed guests, and I thought I'd share my favorites (in no particular order):

I thought Salma's dress was unique and stunning, in a glamorous 70's way

I love how Diane Lane always exhibits Old Hollywood style glamour, and I thought her dress was very chic and classy

A lot of people aren't fans, but I really like Zooey Deschanel's dress and thought it was unique and striking.  Plus, her hair looked amazing!

I thought Nicole Kidman's dress was really beautiful, but I wish she'd lay off the botox a little because she's starting to look like a wax sculpture.  However, I LOVE that she is not sprayed orange and is proudly showing off her pale skin.

I liked Michelle Williams' dress as well, though it was a daring choice.  It has a vintage feel to it, and I think her headband was a nice touch.

And finally, my favorite dress was worn by Emma Stone.  I loved the vintage feel of the dress, and thought the colors were perfect.

What dresses were your favorite? 

P.S. Obviously, I should cite the designers of each gown but they aren't all published right now as I write this.  As I see the names online, I'll edit this post.


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