Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spring 2012: Season of stripes?

Even though it's still very much winter, retail calendars dictate that spring merchandise is here and we should be snapping it up.  I like seeing the new collections at my favorite stores, and couldn't help but notice quite a trend when I was perusing the new collection at LOFT:

Apparently stripes are all the rage this year.  I'm a fan, with some caveats that I thought I'd share:


In my opinion, anyone can wear stripes on top but the shape of the garment becomes very important.  A piece that's fitted will not make you look wide, unlike like one that hangs off of you and obscures redeeming features like a small waist.  Also, the width of the stripe matters, and small to medium stripes are generally more wearable.  I especially like pieces that are not uniformly striped, such as those with a solid shoulder or mix of widths.

I think it's very difficult to wear horizontal stripes around your hips and thighs, and although many may disagree (and that's fine), it's best left to those with a thin to average body shape since the stripes draw attention to and define the width of your body.  The same goes for really boxy shaped pieces with wide stripes - it plays a trick on the eye that's hard to overcome unless you're truly quite thin.

I also think that striped pants are best left to circus performers.

Got it?  Now go buy some stripes.


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