Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Recap + Shop My Closet

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend with lots more time to relax than I had.  I was super productive and finally took the time to properly purge and organize my closet and then list the best of the clothes on eBay in hopes of scoring some money for new things this year.

I will be the first to admit that I have a ridiculous amount of clothes, since I constantly find great deals and am slow to throw things away even if I haven't worn them since 2010.  I had not washed clothes since Christmas and still had a full closet, which was a big wake-up call to me.  I spent all of Saturday afternoon purging, rearranging what was left, and then photographing/measuring the items worthy of a new home.  I feel much calmer when I open my closet door now, and can see all of the things I like to wear so I won't forget about them.

The purging was especially hard because I'd already gotten rid of the things I don't like and everything left was stuff that I could see myself wearing in the right situation.  I was ruthless in my sorting, and am actually parting with some nice stuff because I have not worn it in a year or more.  I only chickened out on a few pieces, but they're hung in the back of the closet to see if I even miss them.

Here's the after pic of my half of the space, which believe it or not, is a huge improvement.  I am proof that you can share a non-walk in closet and live to tell about it.

That said, I now have 18 eBay auctions in progress and if you wear a size 8-14 you may want to check them out.  All of the auctions will end on Friday afternoon, so place a bid if you see anything you want!  I'll also be dropping off a load of things at the Salvation Army, and set aside some dresses I hate to part with but am not wearing for the Texas Style Council clothing swap at the conference in March.

In other news, I cut my hair and took a new passport picture in preparation for this summer's vacation.  Did you know it costs $110 to change the name on a passport more than a year old?  I didn't.  However, I like my haircut and am getting used to having more bangs and a lot less length.  It was getting out of hand!  Here's what the customs agent will see when they look at my passport (I feel so weird not smiling in a photo, so I tried really hard to look pleasant):

excuse the crappy picture of a picture with my phone

And that's what I did this weekend, and why you're not seeing a proper post.  How did you spend your time off?


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