Wednesday, March 17, 2010

20% off dresses at J. Crew - 3 days only

In the event that you need a dress for a wedding, a shower, work, or anything you could possibly be attending this spring and summer - you need to check out J. Crew

I make fun of them a lot for charging $98+ for basic items, but right now all their dresses are 20% off.  If you're at all curvy, or wear your dresses for a few years, you could get a good deal this week.  I only have 3 J.Crew dresses but all of them fit great and have held up well after a couple of years of wear.

A few of my favorites...

Solid Embossed Beach Dress - $78  (I'm considering this one in black for bridesmaids...)

Solid Embossed Lorelei Dress - $78

Jessie Cotton Dress - $56

Silk Chiffon Twist Tank Dress - $136  (Also a bridesmaid dress contender if it gets marked down more)

Cotton Cady Alexa Dress - $69  (If you have the skin tone for this yellow color)

I really want to find a nice J. Crew cocktail dress under $100 for my bridesmaids to wear, so this sale was welcome news to me.  I just have to decide who the bridesmaids are... :-/


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