Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clothing for the curvy: Volume 3, Swimsuits

Since you'd think it were summer if you step into Target, I decided to cover swimwear today.

Swimsuits: If you need an underwire in your bra, you have no business running around in a triangle top.  I'm sorry.  It's true.  Chances are, you won't get away with a $25 Target swimsuit.  Swimsuits that don't fit are not sexy and only make you look bigger.   Plus, doing anything other than laying down and walking in an ill-fitting bikini top is just asking for a nip slip.  ;)

That said, I have found a fantastic brand of swimwear that sells the tops in bra sizes with hidden underwires.  I love my Aerin Rose swimsuit and have been wearing it for the past two years (I don't swim that much).  Yes, they're  pricey but I think an extra $30 is a small price to pay for something that fits and holds everything in.

Aerin Rose - Banded Halter Top (with hidden underwire) - $72 (doesn't include bottoms)

Although I haven't tried them myself, Victoria's Secret has started offering a wide range of bra-sized tops and there are a lot in D-cup sizes now.

Body By Victoria - Retro Bandeau Top - $32.00 (doesn't include bottoms)

And for the more modest, Body by Victoria - Retro Tankini with hidden underwire - $32.00 (doesn't include bottoms)


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