Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clothing for the curvy: Volume 2, Pants

This is the second installment of my clothing for curvy girls post... 

Pants:  As Stacy and Clinton say over and over again, you want to create the illusion of long legs.  That means your hips and thighs should not look like they're about to bust out of your pants.  Unfortunately, as I found out when shopping for jeans, the skinny pant trend is taking over and those of us whose thigh is several inches larger than our knee are faced with a challenge.  I tend to wear wide leg pants and fitted tops to avoid the issue entirely.  Labels that say 'fitted through the hip and thigh' usually mean tight on me and I am too lazy and poor to buy a larger size and tailor it down everywhere else.

I've recommended Gap's Long and Lean jeans to everyone who will listen but their dress pants can be hit or miss.  Banana Republic's wide leg styles tend to fit nicely without pulling, but you just have to shop with the intention of trying on a lot.  The Limited is not consistent with the fit of their pants, but give them a shot.  I think the pair below would be flattering.

And please don't let the sizes get you down.  A 12 at Express can be an 8 somewhere else.  I've been known to rip out labels that upset me after I get the pants home. ;)

Gap - Long and Lean Jean - $59.50

The Limited - Drew Vertical Pocket Wideleg - $79.50 (Wait, these often go on sale for $49.50)


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