Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheap and chic maternity clothes

Disclaimer:  I have never been pregnant and am totally unqualified to write this, but my friend Jennifer asked me to give it a shot.  So here goes...

There must be something in the water here in Dallas because it seems like every week someone else announces that they're having a baby.  I've already covered what to buy for the babies and now I'm going to attempt to find things for mom.

Since I've never been pregnant, I am imagining that the following criteria is important but please correct me if I'm wrong:
  • Outfit should accommodate a supportive bra.  Nothing too thin or too bare on top.
  • You don't feel like shaving your legs all the time, especially in the later months. 
  • Fabrics need to be comfy and not require lots of ironing 
  • Pieces should be versatile since you're only wearing them for about 5-6 months (assuming you can still wear regular clothes at first)
 That said, here's what I've found and how it could be worn:

Black Jersey Dress -
Fancy Filigree Necklace - Shop The Look

This material looks like it would be breathable and not constricting, but the cut is chic and the v-neck means you can showcase some crazy jewelry.  You can also take off the black sash and replace with another color.  Pair with rubber soled ballet flats, dressier sandals, or work heels.

Urban Trouser Maternity Jeans -
Low Rise Denim Pencil Skirt - Old Navy

I've never heard of this brand of jeans, but they got a 5 star rating and the cut is what I'd pick if I were to only wear one style of jeans for 5 months.   The dark wash and wider leg can be dressed up for going out to dinner and is appropriate for work on Friday.  I'd hem them to wear with flats, converse and sandals to get the most wear out of them.  (Unless you love your heels, of course)

The skirt looks very versatile as well, and the waist is elastic, but it doesn't look like it would be very comfortable in the final weeks before the baby comes.

Essential Tank - Gap
Marled Cardigan - The Limited
Smocked Solid Cardigan - The Limited
Folk Stone Luxe Necklace - Shop the Look

My thought is that you don't want to look like a different person just because you have a baby in your belly.  If you didn't wear synthetic printed tops before you got pregnant, don't start now.  So, if you're into layers like me, find a thick non-ribbed tank to wear underneath open, flowy cardigans that you can wear when you're not pregnant. 

Low Rise Legging - Old Navy
Tie Shoulder Jersey Dress - Old Navy
Double Layer Front Knot Top - Old Navy
Smocked Jersey Maxi Dress - Old Navy

Next I wanted to find cheap things for the days when you just want to say 'Screw it, I'm pregnant and I need to go to Target.  These sweats are fine."  I'm not sure how high quality these items are, but the prices are right and you won't feel too guilty donating them to a friend after you're done with them.  Both of the tops could be paired with leggings or jeans and all could be paired with a cardigan and fun jewelry if you're going out but want to be comfortable.

Braided Thong Wedge - Ann Taylor Loft
Puma Tinsel Sneaker -
Dr Scholl's Graduate Ballet Flat -

For shoes, I think that a hard slippery sole and no padding are a big fat no.  Here are a few flats that are stylish but don't look like they'll kill your feet. 

I hope this was helpful, though I suspect I just found things everyone knows about.  Even I am scared at the prospect of finding clothes when pregnant, and I wish all of you luck.  But as hard as it may be, don't give in to the pink gingham babydoll top.


  1. i'm glad jennifer beat me to this post so i didn't have to wait on pins and needles to see what you would put for baby wear! i'm definitely getting the old navy denim skirt- and i hope i can find some equally non-offensive jeans tonight when i go "fat" shopping- it's just nice to see some ideas that do not looks like a burlap sack!



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