Thursday, March 4, 2010


For years, I have wished that shirts were sold with bra size in mind.  I've always said that if I had a clothing line, there would be size 10 and a size 10B (boobs) with more room up top.  Well someone has beaten me to it (years ago, actually) and the shirts and dresses are perfect.  Rebecca & Drew make classic button downs and shirt dresses sized according to your bra size and height.  That's practically custom made.  You can imagine my excitement.

Then I saw the prices.  Even the sale shirts are $117 and the tailored shirt dress of my dreams is $250.

Maybe one day someone will copy this idea and make them $60.  :( 


  1. well i know how you like your bargains...but i did *gulp* spend a crazy amount on a black diane von furstenburg shirt dress- but the thing was so classic and looked so gorgeous on me...even my husband agreed it was worth the if you really like a shirt dress and it seems classic to you- its worth a shot =) just don't buy 10!

  2. If I'm ever near the NYC or Houston stores I may try one on to see what the big deal is... but it would have to be on sale. ;)



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