Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cute sandals where I didn't expect them: Urban Outfitters

I know some of you are thinking "Urban Outfitters is for college students and I'm not a hipster".  I honestly haven't shopped there since I stopped wearing funny t-shirts.  However, I found myself in the store with some time to kill before a movie started and was really surprised at the shoes they carry now.

Yes, some of them are weird and made of pvc.  But others are really on trend for this spring (even for the non-hipster) and the prices are great. 

Sandals under $30 - All of these would be great with shorts or dresses, and are a nice nod to the nautical trend without being made of rope

I think I need the ones on the bottom right... and the ones above them.

New addition:
Ok, these aren't from UO, but I love them and think they'd be comfortable because the bottom is rubber

Michael Kors Shane Sandal



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