Saturday, March 27, 2010

My dress shopping experience - with a happy ending

I'm probably not the first to notice that shopping for a wedding dress is a very strange experience that makes you feel like absolute shit and a princess all in 3 hours.  The whole concept of trying on a sample is strange, because at no other time do we try on things that are too big or small on purpose.  Plus, the odd sizing of bridal gowns means that the size 8 or 10 on a label is more like a 6 in street clothes. 

Now think about trying to fit some larger than size 6 hips into those sample dresses.  Some of them wouldn't go on at all, and the plus size section was too big.  Clearly I fit in a sad middle range of sizes undeserving of samples.  I had a very hard time visualizing a dress in the correct size, much less putting down hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and waiting 4-6 months for it to arrive. 

Thank goodness for off the rack stores.  Today I accomplished my most impressive shopping feat - one that I may not repeat for years.  I found a Maggie Sottero sample gown, in my size, that I LOVED.... for $399.  SOLD!  (I'll post pictures after the wedding - I'd like some of you to be surprised)

Then, I went to the mall with my cousin to check out the sales and browse for bridesmaid dresses.  We walked into The Limited to look at the sale rack and struck gold - I found dresses for all 5 bridesmaids, in their approximate sizes, for $55.  And they're cute!  And re-wearable!

I am on such a high right now, I feel like the most accomplished money saver in America.  :)



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