Friday, March 19, 2010

In case you're interested: World Market

I always forget that World Market exists for about 4 months, then I go in there and am impressed by the prices and spend about $30 on something cool before I forget about them again.  They really should advertise more.

The online rug selection is more extensive than Home Depot and Lowe's, and without the awful country/traditional ones that seem to be the only ones on sale all the time.  I wish I had shopped at World Market before buying my Pier 1 rug because it appears I could have saved $115 (still love my chocolate brown/ivory damask rug, though)

If you're looking for some cheap things to perk up your house, check them out (and buy some wine while you're in there - it's cheap!)   Here are a few of the things I'm considering for when I totally redecorate N's house after I move in  ; )

Garden Party Jute Rug - $39.99
I think this has an Anthropologie garden party feel to it, and I love the colors. 

Lotus Canvas Print - $129

Coupe Dinnerware (4 pc set of plates) - $12.76
If you're still eating off of hand me down plates from college, you might consider investing about $50 for some classic plates that you'll feel very proper handing to your dinner guests.  The bowls and mugs are well priced too.

Sarika Spring Floral Table Linens
I saw these place mats by way of the Tipsy Society this morning, but I love the whole collection for summer.  It would be perfect for an outdoor party (with twinkle lights in the tree) or for every day.

Aqua Trellis Bath Towels - $11.98
These would be nice hanging in a guest bathroom where they won't actually be used



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