Monday, March 15, 2010


I promise this will not turn into a wedding blog, but from here on out you may see a post a week about some kind of wedding decision I have to make because I hope to be getting married in about 6 months!  Eeek!

I'm so excited and can't wait to start putting all the ideas I've had tucked away in my head onto paper and into the venue.  That said, if you know of any cheap vendors in Dallas please let me know.  This is going to be my biggest bargain shopping challenge ever because this average cost of $13,000 is way more money than I've got laying around.  (Who are all these people anyway?!  Since when is $3500 an acceptable cost for a photographer?)

I've already had my local J. Crew store order me a couple of dresses to try on next week, so keep your fingers crossed that my favorite one looks good on a non-model body!  (And it's on ebay for $169...  so seriously, cross those fingers.)  More on that next week...

Now I have lots of work to do... while I'm not busy staring at my new ring


  1. Beautiful! Congrats, looking forward to hearing more about the wedding planning!!!

  2. Again, Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read the wedding posts. Your ring is beautiful!

  3. i would definitely suggest pinging my fellow tipsy gal @ der AT tipsysociety DOT com.

    she had the most amazing wedding and is one of the biggest bargain shoppers i know.

    she may just spill her secrets!



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