Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Packing Part 2: Business trip

My lovely roommate travels a lot on business and has asked me to come up with a 5 day business trip wardrobe that fits in a carry on.  Challenge accepted. 

I don't travel for my job, but if I did, here's how I would pack for a week away (assuming business casual):

2 pairs pants - black and gray
Black knee length skirt
1 pair dark jeans (hemmed for flats)
2 cardigan sweaters
White 3/4 sleeve button down shirt
2 sleeveless tops for layering
2 statement necklaces
1 chunky bracelet
Yoga pants/ T-shirt
Knit dress

Black pumps
Black ballet flats
Flip flops


Monday: Black pants, white 3/4 sleeve shirt, statement necklace #1, bracelet, black pumps
Tuesday: Black skirt, Cardigan #1, statement necklace #2,  black pumps
Wednesday: Gray pants, Cardigan #2, statement necklace #1, black pumps
Thursday: Black skirt, white 3/4 sleeve shirt, Cardigan #1, bracelet, ballet flats
Friday: Jeans (or Gray pants if office isn't casual), Cardigan #2, statement necklace #2, ballet flats

If you go out to dinner during the week, wear the jeans with the top you wore to the office or the leggings with the knit dress and a cardigan on top.  The items above won't take up much room and you can add workout clothes and another casual outfit if needed.

Obviously you have to be ok with wearing your clothes more than once, but if you're just sitting in an office they can't possibly get that dirty.    How's that, Leah?  :)


  1. Looks great! :)

    If you had to travel for work you'd be a great packer AND stylish. And all of that could definitely fit in my suitcase and not be more than 50 lbs!



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