Sunday, March 21, 2010

Honest feedback, please

I want to buy my bridesmaids a statement necklace to wear to the wedding since they may not all be wearing the same black dress.  I really like the one below ($14 at Kohl's) but fear it may be too much for some people.  What do you think?  Would you be embarrassed to wear it?

I wear giant turquoise beads to work without blinking an eye, so my opinion has to be taken with a grain of salt...  :)

Update:  In real life, the necklace is much more sparkly and plastic than I expected.  They may be going back to Kohl's.


  1. I think I like them! They're a statement necklace for sure, but with some pearl studs, I don't think they'll be too overwhelming. Maybe something a little bit smaller would work...depends on if you want bold or dainty. The necklines of the dresses might go a long way in influencing my opinion, though.

    Good luck!!

  2. Thanks! I decided to order them since I had a 15% off code and was not able to find the necklace in store. Hopefully they work out... if not I'll keep shopping and changing my mind

  3. I dont wear necklaces ever and I think that I could wear it with the right dress for a bride to be on her special day.

    Very cute

  4. Maybe Dallitude has taken me over, but I think your girls could rock these! Especially against a simple black dress. My only hesitation (and it's slight) would be in wearing these too early in the day, but I think with black dresses you're thinking more evening anyway. Good find. I can't wait to see your shopping prowess in wedding mode!



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