Monday, April 12, 2010

Did you know?

...that Fossil makes really cute clothing in addition to bags and watches?

I didn't ever connect the Fossil brand to clothing until my cousin worked there for a while and showed me that they've moved on from watches and colored leather purses.  Most stores still only carry accessories, but you can find the clothes at Stonebrier mall in the Dallas area (or so the internet claims)

Some of the pieces are really cute and most have a bit of a bohemian vibe (almost everything is a print!), but I'll be watching for some sales since the prices are more than I care to spend.  In case you're interested, here are a few of my favorites:

Hope Top - $54

Eden Top - $48

Virginia Dress - $64

Iris Cardigan - $64

Jodi Skirt - $64

Annnd here's a gorgeous, hippie trippy handbag for good measure.  I love both colors... if only I had the funds.

Isla Handbag - $168


  1. YAY FOSSIL!! They're clothes do seem to be getting cuter and cuter, and they hold up well! But, I agree. Definitely could come down in price, though with BR as proud of themselves as they are lately, the quality of Fossil is definitely worth it.

  2. i LOVE love LOVE their sunglasses- b/c they're still in the disposable price range without looking like gas station league! the clothes are cute, but check out the stores (few and far in between) they run crazy sales and eventually everything gets to 50% and there's still a good selection in assortment and sizes!



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