Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whatcha think? Engagement picture outfits

I must admit that when it comes to picking out an outfit for my engagement photos, following my own advice has been difficult.   I have jewel tone cardigans galore, but nothing with the right shape/color combination to photograph well.  After seeing just how bad a cardigan can look in our Easter photos, I scoured my closet (and sale racks) for the right outfits. 

I've finally arrived at the two options below (for now).  What do you think?  Seriously?

The shirt dress I ordered last week fits perfectly.  The band under the bust keeps my shape from looking too round, and my new platforms (similar to below) will bring my face up closer to N's if we take photos standing up.  However, I'm a little worried that the sleeves may not be as flattering in the picture as they are in real life.

Then, for my more casual option, I bought the shirt below since the color works well with my skin and hair.  The elbow sleeves are cute, and I'll pair with my existing dark jeans and chunky silver necklace and flat sandals.

Cardigan Junkie won't be wearing a cardigan... imagine that. 


  1. They both look like excellent options!

    Remember part of the photographers job is to pose you in ways that aren't going to make you cringe. I'm sure B&A will do a great job and your pictures will capture just how beautiful you are in 3D! :D



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