Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home to Houston... with only one dress

This weekend the fiance and I are headed home to Houston to spend Easter with his family.  The prospect of warm weather has made me wish I had more sundresses to pack since they don't take up much room and have a very 'look at me being engaged' quality about them.  I will definitely be bringing my black jersey knit Banana Republic dress, but after that almost everything I have looks like office wear.

I started searching this week, hoping to find a sale, and am getting really frustrated at the lack of non-spaghetti strapped options.  I don't like to wear strapless bras all day long and unfortunately, that rules out about 90% of dresses this season.  Unacceptable.

I'm also making it even tougher on myself by refusing to spend more than about $45.  In the event that you're in a similar situation, here are some of my dress candidates:

Ann Taylor LOFT Empire V-Neck Dress
The only thing stopping me from getting this dress is that it's black.  I wish it were green or some other jewel tone...

AE Crochet Dress
I plan to go try this one on, but AE cuts for teenagers so I don't expect it to fit... but I may get lucky
 *crosses fingers

Old Navy Cutout Keyhole Dress
This might be totally cute, or it may look like a potato sack... we shall see

Converse Womens Tank Dress (Target)
The skirt on this dress is probably too thin since I can see through it on the website photo, but the color is gorgeous.  Hopefully I can find it in person...


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