Friday, April 9, 2010

Shoes, glorious shoes

Last week I was walking back to my car and hopped off the curb like a 9 year old, and my shoe broke.  So sad.  I'd worn those Bandolino wedges to death for four years, but I think they lived a good life.  However, I needed some more comfortable wedges.

Today I took the day off from work (because I have gone so long between vacations that I am not allowed to accrue any more days) and went over to DSW in search of some new strappy shoes.  I got the pair below by Kenneth Cole Reaction and they are so. freaking. comfortable.  (I think it's the rubber sole, mostly)

The style is called Cabin Days and I can't find them online anywhere, so you'll have to go to DSW to check them out.  The store in Addison had a couple dozen pairs in brown and black.

 Excuse the messy background... I thought I'd pushed the other sandals out of the way


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