Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gifts for Mom - Part 1

In case you've forgotten, Mother's Day is May 9th and that means we daughters (and sons?) have two weeks to find the right gift before resorting to flowers. As I come across them, I'll post items that you could order this week and have in hand (hopefully) before Mother's Day.

Stationary (the nice stuff)
I think having personalized note cards is very ladylike and once I get my new last name, I'm going to find the right pattern and order some. If you mom would appreciate the gesture, consider placing an order for some personalized note cards from Wedding Paper Divas (not just invitations) or one of the many Etsy sellers offering custom stationary. My favorite shop (so far) is Dots and Dahlias

However, order NOW if you're going to actually see your mother on May 9th and need to hand her a present.


  1. i'm getting "grandma" picture frames and putting the new sonogram in it! i'm keeping it cheap this year =) hello hobby lobby!

  2. I love personalized stationery & think it makes a great gift. For a big event (wedding, birth announcement) I love letterpress - we've used Cheree Berry Paper, and Bella Figura (both can be found online).

    My kids are only 2 and a half and 6 months and they already have their own sets of personalized note cards. Their mama is obsessive about thank you notes!

  3. So was my mom - and I appreciate it very much now! I don't get thank you's from half the weddings I attend and it makes me think my gift got lost, but I don't want to ask and make them feel bad. It's a dying art among the 20-somethings...



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