Sunday, April 18, 2010

A vintage style swimsuit

My friend Misty has asked for help finding a cute one-piece or tankini with a vintage look.  Since this is a style I've been wanting to try myself, I was kind of excited about searching for options.  However, I will say that as a firm believer in sturdy, well made swimsuits, I found this very difficult!

I cringe when I see women whose suits don't fit well.  I think a lot of it has a lot to do with the cost of a well made suit - they're rarely under $50 and even $100+ is common.  To me, swimsuits fall into the same category as boots, either get a nice one or don't get one at all.  That may mean wearing the same suit for 2-3 summers to justify the cost.  Obviously, you shouldn't spend more than you can afford, but don't walk around with sagging boobs and no lining to save $45.

Lecture over.  Now time for the suits!

Aerin Rose Shirred Convertible Halter - $130
I cannot recommend this brand more.  The construction is fantastic and there are hidden underwires in the suits.  Plus, you buy according to your bra size for the most support.  Unfortunately, they cost as much as 5 Target bikinis.

Tommy Bahama Midnight Pearl Tankini - $98

a.n.a. Side Shirred One Piece (JCPenney) - $33.99
No idea if this is well made, but it sure is cute.

Allen B Bandeau Swimdress (JCPenney) - $33.99
You can attach straps to this suit, but it's still definitely intended for those with a C-cup or below

Ballet Casablanca Halter and Shorts ( - $61
Katy Perry goes to the beach, no?  This suit is offered in a huge ranges of sizes
Ballet Casablanca Bandeau Swimsuit ( - $63
This suit has a hidden underwire and comes in sizes up to G cup.  I think I may order this one if I can find a coupon code.

For the biggest selection and range of prices, I would check out as there were over 800 suits and I picked two of them to show you.  Good luck!


  1. if you're a purple fan- there's a budget friendly one at spiegel



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