Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things every girl needs: A hands free purse

I've decided to start a "things every girl needs" series for the days when I don't have anything better to write about.  My first item is something I use fairly often: my cross-body purses.

I hate carrying a heavy purse when going to a concert or shopping all day, but am not quite low maintenance enough to put my ID and credit card in my pocket and call it a day.  I purchased my first Coach swingpack (on eBay) before a trip to London and have found it really useful ever since.

Here are a few options that I think would get a lot of use:

Coach Signature Swingpack - $128
This is quite an investment, but you can find several of these on eBay and carry it for years.  I have the black fabric version with silver hardware.

Fossil Castille Crossbody - $79.99
I like this bag because it is all leather and will likely age well (I assume it will since my other Fossil purse has)
Etsy - Bags by Colette
For those who prefer modern, fabric options, this Etsy shop offers large and small bags in the $45 range.
Etsy - Carryacutebag
A smaller, cheaper option to the shop above...

Kohls - Simply Vera Wang Cross-Body Handbag
A cheaper alternative to the Coach and Fossil bags, but still with the same classic lines


  1. agreed! i have a black and a hot pink one- i'm not taking the hot pink one on honeymoon b/c it will be a magnet for pick pockets! but i always end up running errands with these!

  2. my Chinatown Coach knockoff is still holding up pretty well...but I think buying a real one as opposed to the $300 plane ticket to chinatown is a better deal!



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