Monday, April 26, 2010


Sunday night I was trolling Etsy as I recovered from watching The Pacific on HBO. (It's so violent and makes me upset to imagine how many wives and fiances and families never got to live the lives they planned for themselves)  I started playing with the Pounce application, which randomly selects groups of three sellers in hopes of introducing you to something new, and I think I will do it more often because I found so many wonderful shops I didn't know about!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Bertie's Closet
This shop sells sleeves for your Macbook or iPad in an array of fabrics.  I'm really liking the Nature-ology Macbook cover

This shop sells adorable knitted hats for little kids.  And since I have many pregnant friends, some of the babies may be getting monkey hats from Auntie Haley because I think they're funny.  Really, isn't that what buying gifts is about?  What I find amusing for your children... ;-)

For my nerdz...

Yet another seller of Macbook and laptop sleeves, but this shop offers a big selection of cases for the iPad and Kindle as well as more unisex fabric options.

This shop is based in Austin (yay Texas!) and sells clutches, makeup bags, jewelry and really cute sunglasses cases like the one pictured below in graphic prints.
This shop offers cute printed tote bags, messenger bags and purses.  I like the large totes for car trips and plane rides, since I carry around large stacks of magazines like a crazy person, then complain that my bag is heavy.

Ok, so this is a shop I knew about, and one of the few Etsy sellers still making bubble necklaces. I want the turquoise one so bad. I wear my gray necklace all the time and just might give in and click 'buy' one day soon...

Do any of you ladies have a favorite Etsy shop the rest of us should know about?


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