Thursday, April 15, 2010

A test of my willpower...

I would say that I usually like about 40% of the offerings at Ann Taylor LOFT.  However, whoever is buying their jewelry this year deserves a raise.  I have never grabbed so many screen shots from one page!  Of course the prices are more than I will spend, but I will now be stalking these necklaces and waiting for a coupon code or sale.

Feast your eyes on these... imagine how chic they would look with simple tops all year round.

I want one (or three) so very badly.


  1. I really love the green geometric choker! Great find!

  2. I have to stop reading so often! You're blog makes me depressed that I'm a grad student. The worst part about going BACK to school is that you remember what it felt like to have money.

    Great picks!



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