Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A great brand you've never heard of

I must give credit where it is due - I did not discover this site on my own.  AK over at Tipsy Society posted some adorable skirts from Down East Basics and I am now quite impressed by the offerings.

From what I can gather Down East Basics is a brand catering to the LDS population and offers stylish basics that are also fairly modest.  However, since I like knee length skirts and non-strappy tops they also cater to me! Plus, the prices are dirt cheap.  I will say I don't know whether the quality is good or not, but I will probably find out after I place my first order for something summery.

Here are a few of the standout items I noticed today - enjoy!

Kaleidoscope Top - $22.99

Tuxedo Top (In 9 colors!) - $12.99 to $19.99

Longitude Cardigan - $29.99

Pacific Paisley Skirt - $29.99

Hot to Trot Skirt - $44.99
Try finding a basic denim skirt when you need one... nearly impossible.
Le Petit Linen Dress - $36.99
Tall and Trim Trouser Jean - $54.99
Silver Beaded Cuff - $7.99
Reunited Wrap Top - $27.99

Beaded Leaf Necklace - $11.99
Rows of Ruffles Dress (Girls) - $19.99


  1. ohhh i love the stuff you picked out...i can't wait to go shopping again =(

  2. The polka dot kaleidoscope top is my favorite, but high neckline and cap sleeves don't flatter my chest... sigh :(



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