Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Huge Wedding Milestone: Colors (for now...)

One of the hardest thing I've had to decide since becoming engaged has been these darn wedding colors.   Dress and venue were a cinch, but I keep going back and forth on colors as I see things I like or realize that my choice will be difficult (or expensive) to execute.

Last night I made myself sit down with my magazine collection and cut out pictures I liked and look for trends.  I decided early on that I want to use white hydrangeas in my flower arrangements because they will be in season in September and take up more room than other flowers, so you can use fewer of them. I can also use white, black or chocolate brown linens free of charge at my venue.  With those choices, I decided that the combination I like best is.....

I know we've all seen it before, but know that I plan to execute this without the use of black and white damask, which appears to be mandatory decor these days.  My plan is to use black floor length linens and layer white mid-length overlays on top so the black shows only near the floor.  I'll add an apple green table runner and then use the free glass vases, white candles and white hydrangeas.

It's going to be hard to find the right shade of green, but I think I can do it since it is just an accent color.

And I know most of you probably care very little about my reception colors, but actually putting it out here means I am committing to them once and for all!  No turning back now... unless I change my mind for the 5th time.


  1. I love them!! They will look great!

  2. LOVE the color choices. Makes me want to have another wedding. Oh well.

  3. When I picked them I didn't notice that they match my company's logo that I see every day. No wonder I like them. :)



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