Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogger Must- Haves: Clutches

Happy Friday!  I'm excited to introduce the second post in my new series, and show some of the great clutches that my fellow bloggers are loving right now. 

I will admit that I mostly like the idea of a clutch, but when it comes down to it, I like some kind of a strap so I don't have to actually hold on to the bag.  However, some bags are worth making an exception, like the Optical Weave Izzie Clutch by Cole Haan.  There are several colors, but I love the bright orange one!
And now here are some other options brought to you by the fine ladies of the internet!

Danielle at Elleinad Spir recommends the Michael Kors iPhone wristlet for times when you need your phone and cards, but also require the use of both hands.

Erin at Fleur de Lis & Football carries a super cute Hobo chain strap clutch with room for everything she needs (and it's on sale right now at Nordstrom!)
Rads of Rads Blogazine favors classic, girly clutches (in red, for Valentine's day)

And finally, Mallory at The Chic Geek is loving her gorgeous gray raffia Lauren Merkin clutch... and so do I.  How versatile would this one be?!
Thanks to everyone for their submissions this week!  If you want to be a part of next Friday's post, it's the easiest guest gig out there.  All you have to do is:

1. Email me at cardiganjunkie at gmail dot com with a picture of your item (no more than 530 pixels wide, please)
2. Include a link to the item, or something similar.  You may use affiliate links, I don't mind at all.
3. Include a link to your blog
4. Get me your submission by 7pm Central on Thursday night

Next week's theme is MAKEUP!  Share the one product that you consider to be indispensible.  Bonus points for including a cute makeup bag, too!

Have a great weekend!  Keep me in your thoughts as I'll be camping.  In a tent.  In the wilderness.  ::gulp::


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