Sunday, February 26, 2012

Calling For Blogger Must-Haves: Travel

This week's Blogger Must-Haves theme is travel!  I'm looking for the one thing that you can't live without when you're on the road or on a plane.  It can be the perfect weekend bag, a super soft scarf, or even your favorite iPad app.  I want to know!

If you're not familiar with my weekly series, here's how it works:
  1. You email me (cardiganjunkie at gmail dot com) your pick that corresponds with the theme of the week.  Include a link to the item (affiliate links are fine with me), an image, and the url of your blog.  Easy!
  2. I create a post featuring your item, and those of other bloggers, using all submissions received by 7pm Central on Thursday
  3. The post goes up Friday morning, you get a link back to your blog and a glimpse at what other bloggers can't live without.  Fun!
I hope to hear from you this week!


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