Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surprisingly Chic: Fossil Spring 2012

Happy Monday Tuesday!  Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend.  I spent lots of time just resting, reading, and running errands.  After two weekends away, I needed some unscheduled time to myself!  And since I had so much time to hang around, I flipped through my growing stack of catalogs (I hate mail and rarely look at it).

One retailer that caught me by surprise was Dallas-based brand Fossil.  Before this year, a lot of the collections were a bit too high school bohemian for my taste, but the current collection has some pieces that are on trend and a nice break from the riot of stripes that every other store is featuring for Spring.

Not bad, Fossil

I am going to check out that pin dot bow blouse at the store by my office, although I doubt I'll $78 like it.  Hopefully they do markdowns!

Are there any other brands surprising you this year?


  1. I love that bow blouse and dress! I was surprise by talbots in the winter, haven't checked them out for spring yet!



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