Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get out! How to pack for a long weekend in a small bag

Good morning!  As I've mentioned this week, N and I just spent a wonderful long weekend in San Francisco.  The weather was perfect, and I was so grateful for all the great recommendations I got from comments and emails.  I wish I had brought home more than one extra Tartine morning bun!

As I prepared to leave, I faced my usual packing dilemma and fought all impulses to bring more stuff than I needed since we don't check bags on trips.  This time, I think I did pretty well and wanted to share the mix of items that took me through 4 days of sightseeing and LOTS of walking (uphill).

what i packed: 4 days in san francisco

As you can see, I basically picked a palette of black, denim, gray and leopard.  I was able to mix the pieces various ways and made about 6 outfits without wearing anything more than twice.  I didn't end up needing the black dress I brought, and never got my heels out of the bag. 

I think the key was being realistic about my activities (we're not often formal dinner people) and layering to stay warm.  The leopard scarf was super useful, and took up almost no room, so I think I'll be adding another patterned scarf to the rotation next time I travel.

What are your packing secrets? 

P.S. Don't forget to email me your favorite book tonight so that you'll be included in tomorrow's blogger must-haves post!  (cardiganjunkie at gmail dot com)


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