Monday, February 27, 2012

My Future BFF: Clare Vivier

Every so often, I come across a designer who does everything so right (in my eyes) that I'd stalk them and try to hug if we ever crossed paths.  Clare Vivier is one of those people, but I would probably scare her.

She seems so cool (but not French, her husband is), and her effortlessly chic bags and leather goods are everything that I've ever hoped to find while shopping.  She also has a blog, where I discovered my next purse last Friday:

(in orange, please)

However, until the petite messenger is in stores, I'll drool over the rest of the collection.  Join me...

clare vivier totes

clare vivier 2

all items available at

P.S. You can also check out Clare's house on Apartment Therapy, her favorite places in Silverlake, and her closet via Closet Visit (scroll down)


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