Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yay or Nay? Bold Bright Colors

I (obviously) love seeing how other people make outfits, and getting a glimpse into their taste via blogs and the magic of Pinterest.  It's interesting to see how the outfits people actually wear are actually much more tame than the things pictured online.  I'm guilty myself, as you can see from my weekly outfit recaps, and often resort to jeans and a black top when I am running late. 

One of my ongoing goals is to wear my clothes in new ways, and I've tried to wear bright colors the majority of the week.  My addiction to bright corduroy pants makes this easier, but I've noticed that I'm quite an anomaly in the real world, where I've caught yoga pant moms at Target giving me odd looks.  In addition, my own husband admitted that he's not a fan of my bright pants and bold colored ballet flats.  (To which I answered "Too bad!" and my friend declared that straight men do not understand the awesome that is red pants)

So, my question is, are you a fan of wearing bright colors in your everyday life, or is it a trend that you hope will pass?

Source: via PinQue on Pinterest


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