Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogger Tag!

As I sat here struggling to think of something to write, I got an email from the lovely Anne-Marie of 10 Rooms Design with a note that I'd been tagged in a game of Blogger Tag.  I love reading 10 Rooms and learning about how to use color in my home, so I am happy to play along.  And, I think posts like these are fun and really like learning more about other bloggers, so here we go!

I'm off to San Francisco early tomorrow morning, so I'll be back online Tuesday!  Enjoy the posts scheduled between now and then - and have a great weekend!


1. What is your day job?
I work at a loyalty marketing agency on the client service side of the business.  It's interesting, for sure, but pretty stressful at times.  Sterling Cooper, it is not.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I struggled to find blogs that offered suggestions on things to wear and buy that fit in with my budget (I call us $40 shirt people), so I started my own!

3. What is the best thing that has come from blogging?

Developing my own style in both fashion and decor, thanks to all the inspiration I've seen and the time I spend actually making outfits and seeing what looks best.

4. How and where do you find inspiration?

Other blogs, magazines (online and print), but lately it's all Pinterest, all the time.

5. If you could live anywhere, where would you be?
I actually love living in Texas, but if I had unlimited funds to fly home at will, I'd be in a townhouse in London.  After doing an internship there during college, I fell in love with the city.

Source: via Meagan on Pinterest

6. Who is your favourite artist?
I have long admired Charley Harper, and love the playful feel of his work.

7. What's playing on your iPod?

Right now, I've been switching back and forth between Miranda Lambert's new album, Four the Record, and People and Things from Jack's Mannequin.

8. How do you spend your day off?

Truthfully, I clean my house and go to Target.  Ideally, I would head to NorthPark Center in Dallas for shopping and a movie.

9. Who would you most like to meet?
Promise not to tell?   Alan Ball and the cast of True Blood.  *hides in shame

10. Best childhood memory?
Spending all day shopping with my mom in Houston before I was old enough to drive and have my own plans on the weekend.  We would stop and get a Snapple (when it was new in the 90s) and then drive to the Galleria for a day of bargain hunting.  

11. What is your favourite colour?
I'm addicted to teal blue.  I painted a few walls this color.

And now, I get to tag ten bloggers to play along (if they feel like it):

And answer these questions:

1. Describe your blog in 5 words
2. Why did you start blogging? 
3. What's your favorite book?
4. What were you like in high school?
5. Cat person or dog person?
6. What's your favorite city in the world?
7. Do you think J.Crew is overrated or the most perfect example of branding ever to exist? (or somewhere in between)
8. What app do you use most often?
9. Are you a Mac or a PC?
10. What movie never fails to make you laugh?


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