Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap + What I Wore

Happy Monday!  Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend that was warmer than mine.  I had a nice time camping, but it was entirely too cold for me.  I didn't bring the right clothes (shame on me!) and was pretty miserable since the temps got a lot colder than I thought they would.  Thank goodness for space heaters and nice husbands who give you the good sleeping bag and take the cheap WalMart one for himself.  I will not be camping again for a while, but I must admit that Inks Lake State Park is beautiful, and it reminded me of how glad I am to live in Texas.

Since Fridays are now devoted to my new blogger must-haves series (don't forget to email me your submission - this week's theme is makeup!), I like recapping my outfits from last week on Mondays since several of you have expressed interest in seeing what I actually wear to work.  Since I have no time/camera/photographer for posed pictures, I recreate my ensembles in Polyvore.  Here's what I put together for 4 days in the office, and a Friday working from home before setting out to camp in Burnet, TX.

what i wore - w/o Feb 6


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