Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the Photogs: Stylish Camera Bags

Ever since N and I realized that we're going to take a one-in-a-lifetime vacation this year (likely two weeks in Italy!), we've started to look at dslr cameras in hopes of getting some great pictures while we're there.  I've long wanted to learn to take quality photos, and can't wait to start a new hobby once I get my new toy this spring.

And because I'm me, I couldn't help but notice all the cute camera bags in market right now! It seems like more and more people are carrying a serious camera around on a daily basis, so here are some of my favorite options:

Theit Bossi Bag ($159 CAN)  |  Photojo Sloop Bag ($149)  |  Kelly Moore Mimi Bag ($199)  |  Ketti Handbags Chevron Bag ($195)  |  Epiphanie Bags Belle ($165)  |  Jo Toes Millie ($87, in several colors) 

Obviously, a lot of these are a bit of an investment, but if you carry a camera all the time it would be worth it!  I am in love with Kelly Moore camera bags, and she hosts a monthly giveaway on her site.  Sign up if you know what's good for you!

So, are you a shutterbug with need for a camera bag, or just a dreamer like me? 

P.S. Anyone with strong opinions on the Nikon vs Canon decision is welcome to chime in!


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