Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspiration and Imitation: Dining Tablescape

I love coming across decorating ideas that are attainable without requiring large sums of money for a showstopper piece of artwork or furniture.  One of my favorite things to mimic are tablescapes, since I have basic white dishes with silver rims (and Fiestaware for everyday) and they can easily be incorporated into most of the arrangements I'm drawn to.

Last week, I saw this table on Pinterest and can't wait to try and recreate it on my own dark wood table.   Here's how I'll do it:

tablescape originally featured here, and styled by Carissa of JL Designs in LA

Pretty fancy, eh?  I'm lucky that I can at least get some real antlers for free from my dad and that fabric is only $8 per yard!  I may not put that many things on my table (we need room to eat!) but I love the mix of gray and white with the glass and flowers. 

On a side note, I'm sad that I had to resort to a reverse image search (via Tineye) to find the source of this image.  It was pinned from a Tumbler, where it was snatched from a blog where the author didn't give credit.  I'm not calling for drastic measures like deleting 700 pins that you love, I think most of us need to be more careful about giving credit and NOT pinning images that don't link to the source unless you devote a few minutes of your life to figuring out where it came from.  /steps off of soapbox

So, do you have tons of stuff on your table or are you more of a vase with sticks in it type of gal?


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