Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Styles for thick hair + Best invention ever

You may recall that I have a long track record of attempting the cute hairdos I see on blogs and my hair board on Pinterest with little success because my hair is roughly twice as thick as the average person's. 

Imagine my excitement when my friend Phoebe sent me this blog post from Modcloth with three cute styles designed for those of us with tons of hair!

I'm sure there are about 5 more of you out there who will benefit from this, but having not come across anything like this in the past few years, I couldn't resist sharing. 

And while we're talking about hair, I can't not mention these awesome new hair bands from Goody.  They're made to look like bracelets, and now I look much more put together with a ponytail holder on my wrist every day.  At $4.99, they're worth it!  I've picked up the silver and gold sets (3 per pack) and wearing 2-3 at once holds my hair up just fine.


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